Serving Flagstaff Since 1994

Throughout the years of service our Company has proven its ability to meet the highest standards of dependability and delivering high quality work for our ever growing clientele. We have a commitment to complete customer satisfaction and building long term relationships based on exceptional service and communication. Our Company puts forth every effort to assure quality assurance for our clients.

Our Philosophy is Proactive!

We anticipate problems and their solutions before they arise!

Quality Assurance

Pinnacle Janitorial puts forth an effective cleaning process that delivers and assures Quality Assurance to all of our clients. This Quality Assurance method helps our team members become experts at their profession. Duties are accomplished more effectively and efficiently this way. Our program is a process driven approach with specific steps to help attain goals and exceed expectations of our clients.

Team Work

Our Company has striven for a clean, precise, and efficient approach to running operations and the best delivery of our services. With over 55 employees, a strong management system is required for the growth of our Company. This highly skilled management team works closely together to evaluate, improve, and implement new management systems.

Each employee holds an important piece of the Pinnacle Janitorial puzzle when it comes to servicing our clients. With a great deal of hard work and compromise, Team Work produces incredible results within our Company.

Serving Flagstaff Since 1994!
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